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it's not easy being a hero
the caper is on!
new appalachia meets new delhi
ethereal yet dark
stealth morphs into action
the rat pack is back
inspired by last 24 hours of MLK's life
janes's addiction drummer Stephen Perkins drives young thugs theme
string quintet celebrates an annual marvel of change
starts innocent; ends ominous
violin great Jerry Goodman in a spicy setting
really loving someone but knowing it's ending
acting fast in a tense situation
Miles Davis and Ron Carter are the muses for this hip hop/techno groove
a beautiful day, a dark night
alt rock theme
cello, acoustic guitar and still brothers after letting off some steam
the con is on!
upbeat techno/orchestral
solo piano
the desert hosts some nasty folks and jane's addiction drummer Stephen Perkins
late 60's san francisco embraces india
waking to disappointment
inspired by the assasination of Malcom X
from feeling close to feeling betrayed
upbeat theme for women in lawenforcement
techno india
styx killer drummer Todd Sucherman excites this transition
early 20th century americana
hip hop feel of confident girl setting things straight
a delta delight
keeping things clean
sleuth noir
sulu in distress
island cop theme
world in motion
wah wah
hurry hurry
whistle a happy tune
a bad dream
a fresh start
she's got it under control
harmless wannabe

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