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"The Quickening " A&E / Exec. Producer : Jennifer Salt / Director : Mark Piznarski starring: Radha Mitchell and Amaury Nolasco
action drama
"HMS " CW / Exec. Producers : Amy Holden Jones, Ilene Chaiken and Mark Piznarski / Director : Mark Piznarski starring: Megan Boone, Steven Strait , and Sarah Jones
"To Be Announced Video Game " No information can be disclosed per Confidentiality Agreement. No information can be disclosed per Confidentiality Agreement. massive multi-player online
"Ordinary Sinner" Exec. Producer : William MahoneProducers : Chris Bongirne, John Henry Davis and J.B. White Director : John Henry Davis starring: Elizabeth Banks , Brenden P. Hines, and A. Martinez
murder mystery
"Spin Cycle" Producer: Jack Gilardi Jr.
Director : Scott Marshall
starring: Sarah Chalk , Howie Mandel , Esai Morales , Constance Zimmer , Jeff Fahey
feature comedy
"Looking For Sunday " Exec. Producer: Barbara Bridges Producers: Paul Aaron and Donna Dewey
Director: Mark Piznarski
starring: Orlando Jones, Michael Weston and Spence Decker feature drama
"Married to the Kellys" ABC / Fox TV / Brad Gray Television / Game 6 Productions / Created by Exec. Producer Tom Hertz / Produced by John Ziffren starring: Breckin Meyer and Kiele Sanchez
series comedy
"The 60's" NBC
Executive Producer : Lynda Obst Producer : James
Director: Mark Piznarski
Julia Stiles, Jerry O'Connell, Jeremy Sisto, Charles Dutton, David Alan Grier and Jordana Brewster
miniseries docudrama
"My Dad Can Beat Yours" Exec. Producers : Chris Boehm and Greg Johns
Producer : Thomas Carey
Director : Adam Glass
starring: Anthony Anderson and Kellita Smith
"Twice Upon A Time"
LIFETIME / Exec. Producers: Rick Rosenberg and Bob Christiansen
Director : Thom Eberhardt
starring: Molly Ringwald, Shawnee Smith and Melora Walters
romantic comedy
"To Love, Honor and Deceive" ABC / Robert Greenwald Productions / Producer : Philip Kleinbart / Exec. Producer : Kimberly Rubin
Director : Michael Watkins
Thomas Gibson,Vanessa Marcil and Leland Orser
"Detention : Siege at Johnson High" ABC / Exec. Producers: Leonard Hill and Joel Fields
Director : Michael Watkins
Rick Schroeder, Henry Winkler and Freddie Prinze Jr.
"Circle of Deceit" ABC
Exec Producer: Andrea Baynes
Director : Alan Metzger
starring: Esai Morales and Janine Turner
"Astoria" FOX / Executive Producers: Jason Katims and Mark Piznarski Producer: Sarah Caplan
Director : Mark Piznarski
starring: Portia di Rossi and Nicky Kat
"The Secret" NBC / Robert Greenwald Productions / Producer : Philip Kleinbart / Executive Producer : Kimberly Rubin
Director : Noel Nossig
starring: Ari Meyers and Soleil Moon Frye
"Death Benefit" USA / Executive Producers: Bob Christiansen and Rick Rosenberg
Director : Mark Piznarski
Peter Horton and Carrie Snodgress
"Sudden Terror - The Miami Schoolbus Highjacking" ABC / Exec. Producers: Bob Christiansen and Rick Rosenberg
Director : Paul Schneider
starring: Maria Conchita Alonzo , Marcy Walker and Michael Paul Chan
action drama
"Bruised Orange" Exec. Producer: Lee Facklis Producer: John Schafer
Director : Donal Tavey
starring: John Schafer

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