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joni song to a painter, songwriter, muse and friend
he's got it wired -upbeat
sympathy meets reality (co-written with Patrick Dollaghan) Modern Country
no time like the one we're in seize the moment! Swampy Blues

all we've ever been is one

inspired by a big week in America in 2015 - Anthem
mean what you say (co-written with Ed Roscetti featuring Corri English) Pop

she's so black

jungle fever - heavy alternative
smitten - Pop/Counrty Love Song

rules for love

there ain't no rules for love (featuring Josi Aiello) Pop/R&B
forget her the one that got away? - The Brian Adler Group

give up giving

taking the vows seriously (co-written and sung with Carol-Ann Plante) Pop/Country

what goes around

another take on the golden rule - (co-written with John "Soutside Johnny" Lyon - Swampy Blues

the urge

lost the urge (co-written with Ed Roscetti featuring Josi Aiello) Pop/R&B

the most beautiful woman

when a man loves a woman like none else ( arranged by CJ Vanston, Produced by Justin Neibank, CJ Vanston and Brian Adler)

echo in my dreams

dream state - unplugged


carnal at it's best (co-written with Ed Roscetti)

now she's gone

she's had enough (co-written with Jeffery CJ Vanston)

when the rain wants more

(co-written and sung with Carol-Ann Plante)

speed of love

faster than light - unpluggged

the line

where do we cross ? Alternative Rock
running out of things to say the space between togetherness - The Brian Adler Group
coming to grips with adversity - adult contemporary

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